USING SpreadSheets?

Most of the customers we talk to use spreadsheets to predict future sales based on moving averages of the past X amount of weeks.  The main problem with this approach is it doesn't take into consideration enough variables including seasonal and annual trends.  The best statistical approach (non AI / machine learning solution) for forecasting we believe is still the Holtz-Winter system also known as 'Triple Exponential Smoothing.'  These algorithms can be used even without a ton of sales data to increase or accuracy by up to 50%!  

Have a LOT of DATA and NEED a CUSTOM Solution?

For our larger clients with at least 3 years of sales data, we recommend using machine learning algorithms to predict.  These algorithms used in conjunction with data clustering perform even better than the Holtz-Winter algorithms.  We have several in-house experts on hand to get the right algorithm for your business, giving you the right dashboards at the right time.