Food Distribution Software that Delivers

A food distribution system that automates processes, reduces errors, and saves hundreds of hours per year.  

Full Traceability - customers can trace search any lot number and see all inventory, sales orders and purchase orders connected to it in seconds.

Your Problems we solve:

  • Increased Paperwork in relation to food safety. (Traceability and HACCP)

  • Lack of control over inventory levels and cost

  • Difficulty managing waste

  • Trapped in “Excel Hell” in order to track rebates and complex rules

  • Unforced and costly errors in manually collected data.

  • Unnecessarily Re-keying of data across departments.

  • High administration costs.

  • Inefficient truck routing 



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Start saving time and Money

Working with GPOs and need to track rebates and deviated pricing?

Need to have complex pricing strategies?

Want to reduce staff time with an easy to use e-commerce module

Want to do instant routing?


The Cashmere ADVANTAGE

- Low upfront and monthly costs compared to our competition

- An e-commerce module built into the system

- Can connect with any 3rd party restaurant purchasing systems 

- Connects with QuickBooks or Sage accounting eliminating extra data entry

CashMERE Modules

- Inventory

- Purchasing

- Sales and E-commerce

- Pricing

- Traceability

- Reporting

EDI and Integrations