Knowing how much to make, when to make it, and getting true cost of goods...

Still managing food production with spreadsheets and paper? Before accounting software, that's how people did accounting as well.  Let us help.  With an easy to user, cloud-based production system, our customers save time, money, and get full traceability in seconds.  This saves time on USDA audits, makes recalls much more manageable, and gives your business the tools to compete.  

Cashmere Systems mission is to help the food production software industry mature, by launching modern tools that your employees will enjoy using...



We designed our software to be both flexible and efficient.  Meaning we customize and streamline our workflows to work for your business, not the other way around.  Food production software needs to manage variable yields in an easy to use way, not an after thought as it is with most production software solutions on the market.  Your teams can use our software in the production area, meaning you cut costs by eliminating double data entry.  

Easier to use than PaPER?

You bet!  Our system works on an iPad, desktop, and even phone.  It allows advanced features such as approvals, tracks loss, and prevents errors.  But don't take our word for it, come see for yourself...



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beyond safety - peace of mind

Safety is mandatory, but ease of use and visibility is golden.  With our cloud based system, managers can see exactly where the production teams are at, when they finish, and how much loss they had.  No more double data entry, or piles of paper to go through, our system will manage it from start to finish giving managers and business owners peace of mind.