Our Core Solutions will allow you to streamline your operations through automation and insight giving you the right data at the right time.  Your employees will save time, increase profitability and control food costs through our powerful tools and a beautiful interface, allowing you to scale your business, limiting risk, and decrease training cost while increasing staff retention (people love intuitive systems).

With Purchasing, inventory, production, and sales modules - we easily integrate with EDI, QuickBooks, Amazon, and other systems -- eliminating costly double entry, mistakes and errors.

Increase Profitability.  Through automation and insight - our solutions can streamline your business, allowing savings of 5% to 8% of revenue.

Inventory is at the core of your business, and making a mistake on inventory can cost a new business relationship, and seriously disrupt your business.  Through automation and insight - our solutions will streamline your business allowing you to save anywhere from 5% to 8% revenue. If you have an existing Inventory System, or use excel spreadsheets, we are confident we can save you money by providing an improved and simplified experience -- from scanning, to ipad and phone use -- we have you covered.  Interested in learning more about how our proprietary inventory system can save your business money?  Click below to learn more. 

Traceability.  Savvy consumers demand transparency about where there food is coming from.  Whether your organic or not, knowing the ingredients of each finished product and where it came from is a key part of business and a new requirement thanks to the FSMA laws.  If there is a quality issue, you must be able to understand the source of it so that you can help prevent it in the future.  Learn more about how our system makes your traceability requirements a breeze!


Right Data at the Right Time. Integrations & EDI are our specialty and the key to automating and streamlining your business processes. Expanding your locations? Scaling your business? Or getting to the next level of simplifying all your systems to one integrated interface. We will get you there quickly with easy to use interfaces and processes.


Control Food Costs. Managing your Menu Costing & Bill of Materials is challenging. Our solutions allow your Teams to have full control over your food costs by tracking data in real time. You will be able to manage changes in price, multiple-orders by multiple vendors and all within the palm of your hand with your phone, tablet or PC – anytime anywhere.

Simplify and Streamline. Purchase Orders has moved from taking orders on the phone and fax or manually punching in orders to receiving orders digitally in one inbox and exporting them directly to your ERP or accounting system. With automation comes increased speed and efficiency and the costly mistakes that can happen with manual mistakes.

The Central Kitchen Concept has never been so powerful with multiple locations managed with one Click. View multiple location transactions in real-time allowing unity and control. 

Drive ROI and Collaboration. The benefits of having a POS system are worth the investment in time and money as it reaches over many areas of your business providing amazing ROI. Let us help you streamline your current system or get you started by finding a solution that fits the needs of your business. Here are just a few of the key value adds a POS system provides:

Improve Efficiency
Timely and Accurate Reports
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Manage Using Remote Access
Track food usage

Access Anywhere at Anytime. Online presence means more than having access to a phone and email. Its about enabling your Customers with a system that allows responsive online ordering empowering your relationships and providing real time actions and access to data in your system. 

Our Solutions can help you save over 8-10 hours a week by eliminating time consuming in-house tasks like placing orders, accepting deliveries, chasing credits and handling paperwork. Customers save time by:

Exporting directly to their accounting software
Never having to type out a purchase order again.
Avoiding disputes with suppliers.