Cashmere Systems is an easy solution for inventory for food manufacturers, and food service distributors, our solution is perfect.  Because our system has been tailor made for the food industry, you can get alerts when your food is near expiration date, in addition to low stock alerts that automatically get sent out when you get under a pre-defined threshold.  Having a system that tracks your food from start to finish, reduces human error, and leads to less waste and higher profits.

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Take Inventory

We make taking inventory easy.  Your users can take inventory on a tablet, phone, or with scanners.  Customize and sequence your locations and take inventory as you walk through the building.  Have a combination of raw materials, sub-assembly, and finished goods?  No problem!  We handle all types of items, and can help set up weighing integration and alternative units of measure to make inventory taking easier.  

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Expiration & Low Stock alerts

Customize your user alerts for low stock, expiration dates, sales orders that need purchases, and more!  We can help automate and streamline your processes, so business doesn't fall through the cracks.  



Reduce your spreadsheet and paper processes, eliminate double data entry.  Our inventory system can integrate with QuickBooks, scanning systems, and provide easy tablets or scanning devices for taking inventory with both online and offline modes.