The Future of Food Part 15: Snacking

The global healthy snacks market is expected to reach USD 32.88 billion by 2025. Snacks have become staple food items, driving our busy lifestyles and our desire for more convenient ways to consume food. But what’s new in the snacking world? And what consumer trends are worth noting? Here we outline some current and future trends in the world of snacking:


Health and wellness are perennial buzzwords at the forefront of the snack industry. Consumers are particularly interested in adding protein to their diets, meaning portable, protein-packed snacks are experience a great rise in demand.

Almond bars


Almonds remain the most popular nut found in snack bars. But they continue to play an important role across the whole snacking industry. In 2018 almonds were listed as an ingredient in 10,589 new products, representing a 12% year-on-year increase. They have become centrepiece ingredients in many snacks. This is down to the choice and versatility of the almond itself – it can be sliced, diced, made into butter, spreads or drinks.


The dense nutritional value of seaweed snacks has also seen them enjoy a surge in popularity, with sales figures ballooning between $250 million and $500 million, with an estimated annual sales growth of 40%. Prized for its vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, whilst also being low in calories, seaweed continues to be a popular ingredient. In fact plant-based snacks generally dominate a crowded marketplace.


Many snack manufacturers are improving their supply chain systems using cloud-based inventory software management systems like CASHMERE. By stream-lining their business processes, they reduce food waste, increase transparency, save on staffing costs.


Fortunately an increasing number of consumers are demanding recyclable, eco-friendly packaging, and this is a serious consideration for them when buying snack foods. With many brands jumping on the “wellness” food bandwagon, transparency and environmental considerations are highly valued by consumers, especially when it comes to a snack’s production methods and packaging.


The snacking industry is a fiercely competitive marketplace. Spotting early trends are crucial to a brand’s success. Snack manufacturers also need to invest and innovate in the right technology in order to establish and maintain their market position.

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